Mashruba Medical Technologies – the dependable health services partner in Bangladesh.

Mshruba Medical technologies –the dependable health services partner in Bangladesh started it’s journey in 2007 to serve the people in the health sector of Bangladesh through the public & private hospitals supplying world class medical equipments produced by ALLENGERS MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD, INDIA at competitive prices that include after sales services.

The high standard services of ours with honesty, Sincerity in post sales services and commitment to the people and to the Health service providers in the country recognize MASHRUBA as one of the best & reliable health equipment suppliers of Bangladesh.

By our dedicated working team we have by this time owned the reputation and confidence of as many as 260 Public and Private hospitals of Bangladesh that are now using our supplied Medical Equipments. We are happy to stand by the patients of Bangladesh at the time of rainy days of their lives

We feel honored to share the smiling faces of Doctors & Patients leaving private and public hospitals after recovery equipped with Mashruba supplied equipments for returning their SWEET HOMES from the critical illness. We take highest care with human values & business ethics with our Medical supplies business- as we consider services first & the business second.

We are very proud to mention that equipments supplied by Mashruba Medical Technologies in 260 private and public hospitals of Bangladesh didn’t experience work interruptions EVEN FOR A SIGLE DAY IN ANY HOSPITAL OF OUR COUNTRY for last 8 years as our Post-Sales Service trained Engineering Team is simply a Phone Call Away from our Valued Customers around the Country round the year.

We are enriched with a good number of trained engineers to take care of our supplied equipments. We have our Routine Checking technical teams to work around the country. We served our valued clients round the clock mean -24 hours /365days through a roster duty system of foreign-trained Engineers implemented by our HR Division.

The initial days of Mushruba to explore its business in the Country was not a Bed of Roses. Rather we had to cross the thorny paths to establish ALLENGERS MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD, INDIA in Bangladesh. We gratefully recognize the cooperation and guidelines of Allengers authority to grow our business in Bangladesh. We are highly confident that coming days in Bangladesh health sector will be for Allengers Mashruba. We are committed to keep up our business ethics and morals in the business era of Bangladesh.

We are also thankful to the Health Ministry of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

We highly appreciate the Management & the doctors of different private and public hospitals, and other different stakeholders of our country for their kind cooperation extended to Mashruba. We feel honored & blessed to be a working partner of our Health sector.

Contact Us: +88 01730798598

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