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In pursuit of adopting a profession befitting the socio-economic status of our country Bangladesh, I was wandering in the wilderness of life and floating in turmoil of the vast ocean of wisdom after my academic career. Fortunately, I got to the window of opportunity to get through the tapestry of some great people including noble laureates where they translated any man’s death as diminishing of mankind. Here it bolstered me by warm-hearted feeling for our poor unprivileged people passing away diminishing the mankind unnoticed with no or very little health support from any source for their survival. This is where I decided to venture a profession to help these downtrodden helpless people with whatever I have and whichever I can with a view that “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Thus, I started Mashruba Medical Technologies named after my beloved only daughter Mashruba and since 2007 when we started with nothing but a drawing table at a very humble corner in our residence. With passing of time, we have attained a remarkable position in the business arena where we have now strongly launched for rocketing towards our goal with 35 young energetic skillful colleagues who underpin the growth of the company. I gratefully recognize that in every step of our endeavour, we have been warm heartedly supported by our distinguished and well-known end users. I sincerely note their roles played by joining their effective hands in paving and smoothening our journey in this rough terrain of business world towards our path to success for a noble cause.

Since our ignition, one of the largest Indian Industrial Giants, Allengers Medical Systems Ltd extended their whole-hearted support to raise us to this incredible height in the trade arena of this country.

In short, we would like to profoundly announce that we supplied about 250 units of medical equipment in about all the corners of our country and that not a single unit is standing idle for after sales maintenance and we are only a telephone call away from our customer. This is the way we wanted to extend our services to the people of the country and we have successfully done this irrespective of any business loss or gain. We do believe in the philosophy of renowned business magnet Mr. Warren Buffet that “Fame of the company is the first priority even with temporary loss of fund”.

Go ahead my colleagues in Mashruba Medical Technologies and I look forward to enjoy the contribution you will make in the health sector to the remarkable community from which you sprung and which is now ready to make use of your talent acquired by you and your association with Mashruba Medical Technologies.

Hope that your energies and creativity will be channeled towards making a better life for yourself, your families and your communities indeed for making a better world to live.


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House: 3/1 (Apt: 4C & 6D), Block – F, Lalmatia, Dhaka – 1207
Phone: +88 01730798598, +88-09666775776

Contact Us: +88 01730798598

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