Holmium Laser 100W (BLAZE-prime)


Product: Holmium Laser 100W

Models: BLAZE-prime

Allengers BLAZE-prime Holmium laser is used to generate a laser beam which is intended for Lithotripsy and HoLEP. Advanced compressor based turbo cooling system to enhance laser beam quality and efficiency of the laser. BLAZE-prime has an Advanced long pulse laser with a superimposed modulated pulse to minimize retropulsion and enhanced the ablation rate.

Special Features


  • Output power up to 100W
  • Advanced dual inverter compressor based turbo cooling system.
  • Green beam laser for better visibility.
  • Selectable operative modes (Procedures) like Coagulation, Dusting, Fragmentation, Popcorn, Enucleation, and Hemostasis.
  • Better dusting & fragmentation using long and short pulses respectively.
  • Selectable energy and frequency range.
  • Pulse energy: 0.1 J to 5 J
  • Pulse Frequency: up to 80 HZ
  • “Restoration” enables the surgeon to operate the patient with the previously stored/saved settings, thus saving the crucial time needed to complete the procedure.
  • Bright 12″ color touch screen.
  • It is capable of fragmentation of stones irrespective of their segmentation, composition, and hardness.
  • Selectable level for aiming beam and lasing sound.
  • Low maintenance and minimal operating costs.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-operate touch screen interface.
  • Treatment of BPH, Bladder Tumor, and HoLEP.
  • Tilt movement of touch screen monitor and Sideway Swivel movement of the Touch screen monitor
  • Triple foot pedal:- Foot paddle 1 or foot paddle 2 can be suitably used for short pulse or long pulse independently or simultaneously for different emission settings. The standby / Ready Switch feature enables the user/doctor to have full control of the laser by switching between standby/ ready mode without any assistance.



  • Lithotripsy – RIRS, URS, PCNL (Mini Perc and Micro Perc)
  • BNI & Strictures
  • HoLEP or BPH Treatment
  • Tumor (Bladder, UUT)
  • Soft tissue surgery.
  • Urethrotomy tumor excision.

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