Digital Radiography System (Universal U-Arm)

Digital Radiography System (Universal U-Arm)

Digital Radiography System (Universal U-Arm)

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Digital Radiography System (Universal U-Arm)

Series: DIGIXU

Models: MARS – 15/30/40/50/50+/65/80

Rating: 15/30/40/50/50+/65/80 KW

Application: All general purpose / extremity digital radiographic procedures / exposures on a patient standing, lying on a table or sitting on a chair.


  • Single detector system.
  • Bucky is fitted with anti collision device to protect the detector assembly.
  • Infrared remote control operation.
  • IntegraX (full system integration)
  • Mobile table (MobiT/MobiT4/MobiT6).
  • DICOM 3.0 connectivity.

Allengers MARS Series of digital radiography systems (ceiling suspended system with auto tracking/ auto positioning feature and universal radiography system with U-Arm stand) are specialized models for general and specialized Radiography applications. These systems are available with single detector/dual detector options as per user intended applications.


  • Preview image is available in less than 3 seconds (no wait for patient)
  • Perfectly dry film printing (no chemicals)
  • No physical movements of cassettes (faster operation)
  • Wide dynamic range (soft tissues and hard bones can be seen together)
  • Digital image processing (overcome errors in exposure factor selection)
  • Superb image quality due to fine pixels and high contrast image
  • Efficient and user friendly work flow due to DICOM based system
  • Easy to connect with existing HIS/HMS/RIS/PACS in a hospital environment
  • Post processing adds more to the image quality
  • Dual energy subtraction and image stitching are possible

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