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Product: Remote Controlled RF Table / X-Ray Systems (Digital/Analog)

Series: ANGIO TAB 90 90

Models/Ratings: MARS – 15 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 50+ / 65 / 80 KW

Rating: 15/30/40/50/50+/65/80 KW


  • Both side ±90° tilt, Height adjustment (lower height for easy patient loading in case of trauma/wheelchair patients)
  • Remote diagnostics and calibration
  • Full body scan of patient

Product description:

Allengers AngioTAB 90 90 a remote controlled RF system combines flexibility with advanced engineering, thereby setting new standards for diagnostic image quality in order to provide practitioners with an effective diagnostic tool, and thereby making the task easy, effortless and hygienic for both patient and practitioner with a host of special features.

Special Features:

  • Zero radiation to radiologist by providing complete remote controlled access.
  • Dynamic FPD (17″ x 17″) embedded inside the table (In Digital Model).
  • Digital work flow supporting Hospital Management System, PACS and Cloud Reporting.
  • 1K x 1K imaging chain.
  • Oblique exposure with ± 40° tube tilt.
  • Motorized SID adjustments
  • Digital SPOT for high contrast images
  • 2 Way communication system for effective communication between doctor and patient, in the procedure room
  • Local and remote controlled operation
  • LCD Message display for operation and safety limits/interlocks.
  • Upgradable to TOMOGRAPHY.




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