ISO Mammography (Analog)



Series: FAIRY

Models/Ratings: MAM – VENUS / MAM – VENUS+

Application: Fully motorized Isocentric mammography for best cancer detection.


  • Fully motorized Iso centric mammography with Automatic Exposure Control (AEC).
  • Automatic Programming Radiography (APR).
  • Auto release of breast after exposure.
  • Automatic filter selection.
  • Biopsy Stereotactic (optional).

Fairy is designed in such a way that provides fine balance between best patient care with meeting competitive business demands. Its unique design ensures that the technologist is never far from the patient when operating the machine.

Special features:

  • Microcontroller based embedded platform to ensure accurate delivery of exposure parameters.
  • Automatic compression locking after maximum compression of compression paddle.
  • Earthing interlock is provided in the machine for safety of user and machine. (without proper earthing machine would show error).
  • Fast compression release mechanism in case if patient is uncomfortable with compression.
  • Automatic breast release after X-Ray exposure is completed.



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